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The City Park Carousel chariots returned to the Park

The City Park Carousel chariots returned to the Park Friday, December 5, 2014,  after being fully refurbished for the first time in 30 years. Instead of painting them a solid color, the craftsmen from WRF Designs led by Bill Finkenstein, painted them multiple colors in order to bring out the detail in the carving. The craftsmen also painted flowers on the back of the chariot. They are truly a site to see. Visit them at Celebration...

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Who won the car? Ask Friends of City Park!

Friends of City Park announce the Bryan Subaru Forester Raffle Winner!

TICKET NUMBER 567 – Debra Voelker!!!

Debra Voelker is a licensed clinical social worker and a third generation Mid-City resident. She serves on the board of the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization and is a member of the Pussyfooters, a women's marching and philanthropic group. She tries to spend a few hours in the park weekly on the jogging paths...

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City Park’s Carousel is a Treasure

This photo was taken in the wee hours of early morning at the Carousel in City Park...all the animals were waking up!

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Fall is here! Almost…

Submitted by Rodney Thoulion, Executive Director of Friends of City Park

Fall is a magical time in City Park!  There is so much going on: Fall Garden Festival, the Scarecrow Trail, and Ghosts in the Oaks – just to name a few of the premier events of City Park.  And how can we forget the Voodoo Music + Art Experience.

With the change of the weather, the falling leaves...

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City Park’s Food Truckin’

Man, does Friends of City Park really know how to throw a great party! And the best part about it is that it raises money for City Park capital improvements…specifically a new food truck for the Park. Have you ever been in a remote part of the Park without food or beverage and thought, “Boy, I sure could use something to eat or drink!” Well, the Park hears you! The...

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