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The New Orleans Museum of Art announces the addition of a large-scale sculpture

The New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) announces the addition of a large-scale sculpture by contemporary Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone to the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden expansion. The 6.5-acre expansion, which opened to the public in May of 2019, builds on the success of the museum’s original five-acre Besthoff Sculpture Garden, widely regarded as one of the top sculpture gardens in the world. The comprehensive garden is now home to more...

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Oh, to be a fish in City Park!

Oh, to be a fish in New Orleans City Park! Thanks to our friends at Atmos Energy, who supplied scrap pieces of natural gas pipes, and our wonderful partners at Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, who designed the underwater fishing sculptures, City Park’s fish will be more cultured and more plentiful than ever this spring. 

With the help of volunteers from Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, twenty three “spider...

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Look! A New AND Old Sculpture!

The Wave of the World originally debuted at the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans but this week is debuted at New Orleans City Park after many years forgotten in storage. The 17 feet high two-ton sculpture includes a water feature and is situated on the walking bath at The Big Lake.

While Lynda Benglis had alrady concieved the idea for the sculpture it came to life when the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition selected...

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The Making of a Man: Stanley W. Ray, Jr.

This blog post was written by Kim Bernadas, the sculptor who created a piece currently in City Putt.

The Making of a Man When I was first approached by Conrad Meyer IV, representing the Stanley Ray Trust about creating the life size Bronze sculpture of Stanley W. Ray, I wondered what I was getting into. Although excited at the opportunity to create a life size bronze of Stanley Ray, my task as...

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City Park’s Art Scene Blooms with New Sculpture

It was a warm and sunny autumn morning on October 16, 2014, and City Park’s art scene was about to bloom.

As part of the Prospect 3 project in New Orleans, City Park is delighted to have Will Ryman’s sculpture in the Park.

Ryman’s sculpture is called Icon and is an elegant red sculpture with large roses reaching for the sky. You’ll also notice large...

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Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve got a LOVE for ART!

LOVE by Robert Indiana

Happy Valentine's Day!  Got a LOVE for art? Between the art around the Park, the Botanical Garden, NOMA, and the Besthoff Sculpture Garden - City Park's got you covered! 

You can see this beauty by artist Robert Indiana in the Sculpture Garden. The Peristyle is over 100 years old and was specifically built for parties! Close your eyes, hear the music, and think of the fais do...

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A lil’ history for the day…Built in 1902, this is the Pichot Stone Bridge…

Pichot Stone Bridge

Built in 1902, this is the Pichot Stone Bridge. This rough-hewn cobblestone bridge was dedicated in the memory of Henrietta M. Leonie Pichot for her gift of $192.00 in 1901 to City Park. Looking for it in modern day City Park? Coming down Dreyfous, it's on your right before you cross Anseman Avenue. It leads to a tiny peninsula of land overlooking Bayou Metairie. There is water underneath this bridge only sometimes (depending on how high...

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Lichtenstein: A New Look For The Front of NOMA

As you enter the Park from the main entrance and drive down Lelong, you will notice construction in front of The New Orleans Museum of Art. The front area of the museum is getting a new look and at the center of the new look is a new piece of art. Construction on the site has been going on for weeks. Fueling speculation as to which sculpture will have a new home in the...

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