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Oh, to be a fish in City Park!

Oh, to be a fish in New Orleans City Park! Thanks to our friends at Atmos Energy, who supplied scrap pieces of natural gas pipes, and our wonderful partners at Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, who designed the underwater fishing sculptures, City Park’s fish will be more cultured and more plentiful than ever this spring. 

With the help of volunteers from Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, twenty three “spider...

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Say CHEESE, Fish!

Tim Z.

It's a good day to be a fisherman in New Orleans City Park (but, really, when ISN'T a good day!?)! City Parker, Tim Z., caught what we think to be a 7 lb Bass in a Park lagoon (we won't say which...can't give away the good fishing spot). The fish went back in the lagoon to live another day as City Park encourages catch and release fishing. Visit the Park'...

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Here fishy fishy fishy…

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Our friends from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries paid us a visit last week. They come to the Park with their seine net a few times each year to check for small fish and other water critters in order to determine the degree to which our lagoons are thriving. Thanks Wildlife and Fisheries!

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