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CITO Trees are for the Fish

Fifty Christmas trees from this years Celebration in the Oaks fundraiser in New Orleans City Park are now serving a new role as habitat/shelter for juvenile fish in Bayou St. John. City Park and LDWF, with to help of volunteers and sponsors, bundled small sets of trees and anchored within casting distance along the western shore of the bayou, just north of Filmore Avenue. Small fish and invertebrates are attracted to brush piles...

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New Trees in the Park

80 New Crepe Myrtles Planted in City Park

New Orleans (May 16, 2016)

Wisner Boulevard between Robert E. Lee and Harrison is not the most heavily trafficked section of the Park these days since the Wisner I-610 Overpass has been removed.  If you do travel down Wisner, however, you’ll notice that large crepe myrtles were planted in the neutral ground this week.

In all 80 trees were planted. The...

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Keeping the Oak Trees Safe

With grant funding, bollards are being installed on the south side of Harrison Avenue between Wisner and the roundabout.  The bollards will protect adjacent oaks by keeping cars from parking on top of the tree roots.  We have built a small parking lot off Harrison for patrons to use and encourage others to enter that area of the Park by parking in the Pan American parking lot.

Tree Facts * A...

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It’s raining in City Park - and the trees LOVE it!

It’s raining in New Orleans City Park. Which typically means less people are out in the Park enjoying themselves.

But there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud.

The rain is loved by the trees that call the Park home. Directly after a rainstorm, not only do the trees look lush and full with bright green color but the fern, which lives on the trees, transforms.<...

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Each morning promises a show in City Park

Each morning is different in City Park. Some mornings bring sunbeams through the trees and others crepe myrtle flowers gathering at your feet. Whether there's frost, fog, lots of clouds, or lots of sun - in those differences is true beauty. Each day has its own feeling. We invite you to visit soon. There's no time like the present.

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800 years old and stlll lookin’ good!

McDonogh Oak

At approximately 800 years old the oldest tree in New Orleans City Park is the McDonogh Oak. Just think of all this tree has seen over time!

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A little Tree History for you today…

Hello City Park friends! I’m Linzey and I’ll be your guest blogger for the day.  I’ve worked at City Park for almost 6 years as the Grants Manager and if there’s one thing I’ve learned a lot about, it’s trees.  There are more than 20,000 trees at City Park and they range from the tiniest saplings planted last week to the immense...

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It’s cold but beautiful in City Park!

If our stately architecture and old trees could talk they may be the only ones who could remember the weather ever being this cold in the Park! Currently, t's 26 degrees and sunny. And beautiful, of course. We hope you'll don your mittens and join us for some cool fresh air in the Park.

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“Fall”ing in love with the Park

My name is Geneva and I am your guest blogger today! I started working at the Park a month ago as the new Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer but have spent much of my last 12 years, in the city, enjoying all the Park has to offer. I have been pleasantly surprised, over the last month, at all the things I don’t know about the Park or never slowed long enough to...

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The sun lives in City Park!

Right in the heart of New Orleans, City Park's a place for all people to breathe and relax. It's a little chilly this morning, but those up early enough are treated to a light show by the sun.

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Who decorates all the Christmas trees at CITO?

Who decorates all the Christmas trees each year at Celebration in the Oaks?

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Morning at New Orleans City Park is a special time

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern at City Park

Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern are often found growing on the oaks of New Orleans City Park. Both plants are epiphytic. Epiphytic plants absorb all nutrients from the air and do not harm the tree that supports them.

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