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The Friends of City Park Clean-Up Krewe

The Friends of City Park Clean-Up Krewe works to eliminate litter from New Orleans’ most popular family recreational locations in City Park and also inspires the next generation in public servants on the importance of keeping our Park clean. As stewards to City Park, the responsibility of sustaining our Park’s health belongs to each of us.

The Friends of City Park Clean-Up Krewe is dedicated to hosting on-going volunteer...

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600 New Cast Iron Plants on Victory Avenue

We LOVE our volunteers! Check ou tthis group from Florida State!

The groups spent time this week planting over 600 cast iron plants around the oak trees on Victory Avenue near the Amusement Park. 

 The area around the oak trees is air spaded beforehand, a process in which compressed air is shot into the soil, breaking up heavily compacted dirt and allowing more oxygen to get to the root...

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Christmas Tree Fishing Reefs in City Park

There will be stiff competition in this year’s Big Bass Fishing Rodeo – Brother Martin and Rummel students have already staked out their fishing spots and hope to be reeling in the biggest fish in the lagoons! On February 15, 2018, New Orleans City Park, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), welcomed fishing clubs to the Park, from Brother Martin High School and Archbishop Rummel High School, to build...

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We LOVE our Volunteers!

We LOVE our volunteers! 


Today the International School of Louisiana worked on phase 3 of the NEW Butterfly Garden. 

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Young Volunteers Make a Difference in City Park

Holy Cross brought 350 students to the Park today to work in Tad Gormley Stadium.  They did some horticulture work along with a large amount of painting.  The results were immediate and impressive.

Each year Holy Cross has a boys to men volunteer event where they pair eighth graders with twelfth graders.  The pairs work together and do some “bonding”. 

So let’s recap:...

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DirectTV Volunteers Today in New Orleans City Park

We rely on volunteers like you to keep the park looking great.

City Park is a New Orleans treasure. For more than 150 years, the park has served as a natural sanctuary for New Orleanians – a place to escape from city life without ever leaving home. With more than 1,300 acres, it is also one of the largest urban parks in the U.S.

But a great urban park doesn't...

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Thanks Tulane University! We LOVE our volunteers!

New Orleans City Park is grateful to the staff of Tulane University for once again volunteering in the Park. This annual day of service with Tulane University staff will include 180 volunteers. Volunteers will be removing invasive tree species on Scout Island and working to improve trails on Scout Island. Scout Island is the perfect place to escape from the city without ever leaving town. Combined with Couturie Forest, the 60-acres are a nature-lover&rsquo...

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A New 100-foot Pedestrian Bridge in City Park

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, a 100-foot pedestrian bridge was installed between the Volunteer Center and Couturie Forest at 1009 Harrison Avenue.

The bridge arrived on semitrailers in two 50-foot sections.  It was off-loaded by a large crane and then bolted together to form one 100-foot long bridge.  The crane then hoisted the bridge over the lagoon and the ends were secured to the previously installed footings.  (Guys and machinery are involved...

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Trees for Wildlife in City Park

On May 24, middle school students from KIPP Central City Academy joined City Park’s volunteer manager, Earl, in planting 500 bald cypress trees in the Park’s Couturie Forest.  The trees were generously provided by the National Wildlife Federation’s Trees for Wildlife program. 

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One Year Since Isaac

One year ago today, Hurricane Isaac tortured the Caribbean and the Northern Gulf Coast. Not only did the hurricane pass over Southeast Louisiana but it was a slow moving storm - making the ordeal last longer and longer. Everyone was shouting at the storm to move along but it wouldn't listen and continued to pour rain and whip its strong winds. Park buildings were spared major damage but some Park equipment was lost...

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