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Carousel in 1906

Carousel in 1906

Facts about the Carousel in New Orleans City Park:

The Carousel is often called the ‘Flying Horses’ by New Orleans locals.

The Carousel is the oldest ride in the Hines Carousel Gardens Amusement park. It dates back to 1906 but some of the animal figures date back to 1885.

The Carousel was originally located on a track of land along City Park Avenue. The Carousel was moved to its current location in 1928, creating what would eventually be City Park’s Amusement Park.

The Carousel has had a few owners in its history including Harry Batt, Sr. Locals may remember Mr. Batt from Pontchartrain Beach. In the late 1980s, William B. Hines loaned Friends of City Park $300,000 to purchase the Carousel from Harry Batt and an additional $50,000 to renovate the Carousel. (Eventually, Mr. Hines forgave all loans. The William B. Hines Carousel Gardens Amusement Park is named for him).

-The animals were carved and hand painted by Charles Looff and Charles Carmel.
-The Looff animal figures contain faux gem stones and are the older of the two types of animals (older than the Carmel animals).

-The animals are loved so much by visitors they need repainting every year to 2 years. They are still hand painted.

-The Carousel contains fifty-six animals. 53 are horses plus a lion, giraffe, and camel. There are also 2 chariots for riding.

-The horses have real horse hair tails.
-Thirty of the horses move up and down and are called ‘flyers’ (thus the Flying Horses nickname).
-The Carousel still uses the original motor.
-The circular platform on which the animals ‘ride’ is suspended off the ground by 40 metal rods.
-The lion weighs 500 lbs.