Volunteers get it done!

Hi, this is Earl, the park’s new Volunteer Coordinator! Our most recent volunteer project took place on the August 12th with the park hosting 200 LSU Medical School students. The students donated their time and effort to several areas of the park. The volunteers mulched three-quarters of a mile of walking trail in Couturie Forest, painted the locker rooms and bathrooms at Pan-American and Tad Gormley stadiums, and painted the entire Parkview Terrace room in the Casino building. They were hardworking, dedicated volunteers and I was thrilled at the progress they made over the course of four hours. The forest is in great shape now that the LSU students widened the trails and opened up the vistas along one of the lagoons, so I highly recommend a walk or jog in the forest in the near future! Our next volunteer event is Super Saturday September 7th at 9:00am. Come to the Volunteer Center at 1009 Harrison Ave with a water bottle, sunscreen, and some sturdy shoes if you’d like to join us!