Weir (noun \ˈwer, ˈwir\) :

Weir (noun \ˈwer, ˈwir\) : a low wall or dam built across a stream or river to raise the level of the water or to change the direction of its flow

Whether you call it a dam or a weir, City Park is getting a new one at the Park on Zachary Taylor Drive. 

So what, who cares, you say? 

It’s actually a pretty big deal.  The existing weir dates back to the WPA era (1930s) and has limited functionality. The new weir, which will drain lagoons between I-610 and Harrison Avenue, will have the ability to better manage water flow. 
For example, we will be able to reduce the levels of the lagoons prior to anticipated large storms so that our lagoon system can hold more water before discharging it into the city’s storm drains.