Work up a sweat in City Park!

There’s no prettier place in New Orleans to get fit than City Park. With a gorgeous landscape designed for walkers, runners and bikers, your workout doesn’t feel like work at all when you hit the scenic paths around the park. 

Be sure to check out the two Fitness Zones in the Park:

The first is near the corner of Golf Drive and Freidricks Avenue located on the Festival Grounds. Parts are covered to allow use during an in-character Summer shower or any sunny day in New Orleans.

The second is on Stadium Drive and was provided by the Friends of City Park. Each are guaranteed to provide the best setting among the City Park trees.

Also there are trails for runners and walkers alike. The Zemurray Trail around Big Lake, the Festival Grounds, Couturie Forest, Roosevelt Mall plus the Park streets are perfect for you if your interest is a quick walk or putting in some real sweat equity for yourself. 

Boat & bike rentals at the Boat House on Big Lake. There are many types of both boats and bikes to rent, including a 4 seat surrey bike. 

The Park's Old Grove is also a great place for a run or walk. The Old Grove is home to many of the Park's oldest oak trees. 

As always, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.

And with all this excercise, you'll really deserve beignets! At Morning Call, in the Park's Casino Building, the sugary donuts are made 24/7.

See you out there! 

A trail in the 60 acre forest

A trail in the 60 acre forest

Anseman Oak in the Old Grove

Anseman Oak in the Old Grove