Botanical Garden Gift Shop

Offering a wide variety of Botanical Garden and Park related items.

Examples of merchandise sold at the Gift Shop.

Examples of merchandise sold at the Gift Shop.

Due to Covid-19, changes have arrived for the garden giftshop. Guests can now buy gifts and plants online at this link. Please click the link for information.


Located inside the Oscar J. Tolmas Center (5 Victory Avenue) the New Orleans Botanical Garden gift shop offers visitors an array of garden products, books and hand-made crafts. Behind the giftshop is also an area outside for plant sales. 

There are photos of items for sale placed on this page and in the photo album to the bottom-right of the page. Please take a look, then come visit us soon. 

Artists and artisans are encouraged to contact the gift shop to sell merchandise. For more information, call (504) 483-9488 and speak to the gift shop manager.



You can see the Superdome from the top of the Ferris wheel in Carousel Gardens.