Kitchen in the Garden

An outdoor kitchen in the New Orleans Botanical Garden

Our new outdoor Kitchen in the Garden serves as a hub for food education and culinary trainingl. Programming at this new facility will focus on nutrition and healthy living, composting, and environmental stewardship through hands-on gardening and cooking events and classes.  Fresh vegetables and herbs will be harvested straight from the Vegetable Garden and move directly to the Kitchen in the Garden for hands-on lessons that will offer a garden-to-table experience demonstrating the connection between gardening and healthy cooking while highlighting seasonal selections and local cuisines.


Upcoming events


  • Each year we place a new word in the Dripping Snow Tree at Celebration in the Oaks. Last year it was PEACE. GUESS THE WORD FOR THIS YEAR?
  • Have all the fun at the Celebration in the Oaks preview parties! Nov. 22, 23, and 24 - three parties with something……
  • @Change_Agent_JL Most were lost in Katrina however reach out to the Development dept and they may be able to help 😊


There are 11 miles of lagoons in City Park. (Therefore, 22 miles of shoreline.)