Kitchen in the Garden

An outdoor kitchen in the New Orleans Botanical Garden

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Our new outdoor Kitchen in the Garden serves as a hub for food education and culinary training. Programming at this new facility focuses on nutrition and healthy living, composting, and environmental stewardship through hands-on gardening and cooking events and classes.  Fresh vegetables and herbs are harvested straight from the Vegetable Garden and move directly to the Kitchen in the Garden for hands-on lessons offering a garden-to-table experience demonstrating the connection between gardening and healthy cooking while highlighting seasonal selections and local cuisines.

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Dedicated in the memory of Angele M. Langles for her gift to the park, the Langles Bridge (1902) behind Casino Building is a popular for spot for wedding ceremonies and landscape painters. Angele and her mother died on the morning of July 4, 1898 when the French steamboat, La Bourgogne, sank after colliding with a British ship in the North Atlantic.