Celebration in the Oaks Driving Tour Fundraiser EVENT FAQs

How do I get to the event? Click here for webpage with directions

Where does the driving tour begin? 2 Friederichs Ave. off Wisner (this is the ONLY entrance)

Can I buy tickets at the gate/door/event? No. All tickets must be purchased in advance at this link.

So there are TWO parts to the event this year? Yes - the main park is the Driving Tour and as an 'add on' to that ticket there are Add On Activties in Carousel Gardens. 

What does the CITO ornament look like? Take a look at the photo on this page. (as of 12/15/20 all ornaments are sold out)

Are there still over a million lights? Yes

How long is the tour?  The driving route is 2.25 miles long, and will take approximately 30 minutes on less crowded nights and 47 minutes on high demand evenings.

Can I get a refund? This is a Park fundraiser and unfortunately, no refunds will be issued. Guests who have a date conflict will be afforded the opportunity to reschedule their date, based on availability and a $5.00 fee. There will be a link in your order confirmation to reschedule your tour date and/or time. Should the Park close the event due to flooding or lightening, those guests can reschedule their ricket without the $5.00 fee. Guests should email for more information. 

Are group discounts available? No discounts will be offered in 2020 other than for Friends of City Park members.

Will there be a Preview Party?  No there is no preview party like in previous years (due to COVID-19 restrictions). We will host a “first drive thru” for event sponsors only on Friday, November 20, 2020. The public cannot purchase tickets to this event.

Will there be a Jingle Bells & Beer or Family Party?  No there are no preview parties due to COVID-19 restrictions.

What type of vehicles can ticket holders 'ride in'? Everyone needs to be in a seatbelt at all times in all vehicles. Cars, SUVs, and limos are allowed. Guests must ride inside trucks and not in the back of trucks/in the truck's open bed. Convertibles are ok but guests must remain seated. Motorcycles will be allowed and the price of admission is the same as that of a car.  Bicycles are not  allowed as they pose a safety risk.

Is the amusement park open? The Amusement Park rides as a whole aren't part of the 2020 event. Train rides are avalible as Add-On Activities and must be purchased along with the Driving Tour ticket and that ticket must be used the night of the ticketed Driving Tour. 

Masks...where do I have to wear a mask? We ask the driver to wear a mask when interacting with staff who is outside your car. Once the driving tour begins, the driver no longer needs to wear a mask. If participating in Add-On Activities in Carousel Gardens, a mask must be worn at all times except when directly eating or drinking. We also ask for people to socially distance while in Carousel Gardens especially while waiting in lines. 

Is there an area for me to leave my car and take photos? While on the driving tour, no, guests must remain in their vehicles at all times. If you've purchased Add-On tickets there are photo areas in Carousel Gardens. 

Is the train running? The train is not a part of the 2020 Driving Tour event. If you would like to ride the train, please purchase Add-On Activity ticket(s). No other amusement rides are operational. 

What changes have been made to the train ride? Please remember, all lights are on the driving tour - there are no lights along the train route. Masks must be worn at all times in station and on train, Plexiglas has been placed on train cars in between families, social distancing is required while waiting in line, and the train cars are sanitized in between each ride. 

Will there be a nativity scene this year? As this is an outside only/uncovered driving tour event the nativity is not a part of the 2020 event.

Where do I buy tickets?  Click here to purchase tickets. 

Can I add names to my ticket list after purchase? Yes, you can add additional names with the “Manage Reservation” link in your ticket confirmation email.

What’s the event website?

Can I Park and walk the event?  No. Walking along the driving route is strictly prohibited and will be closely monitored by security personnel. To participate in the Add-On Activities in Carousel Gardens, please park your car and walk down Victory only. 

Where is event Parking? This is a drive through event. For those participating in the Add-On Activities see here for a map and options for parking (and when). 

Is there a Santa available for photos? There is no opportunity to take a photo with Santa this year. 

Size of vehicles permitted? Standard sedan-size and SUVs will all be allowed.  Any “mini bus” must fall under 11’ in height to fit underneath the oak trees. Mini buses and other vehicles with more than 8 passengers should email to purchase special passes.

Are limousines permitted? Yes, tickets for limos, mini buses, and other vehicles with more than 8 passengers should email to purchase special passes.

Are pets allowed in my car? Yes. They are not allowed inside Carousel Gardens however. Do Not leave your pet in the car without you. 

Is City Putt open? City Putt is not open during the hours of Celebration in the Oaks. 

Why are the names of the people in the car needed? Add the first name of each person in your vehicle (and select adult or child) for a special interactive portion of the tour.

Are there bathrooms to use? No. Driving Tour guests must remain in their cars at all times. 

What are the hours of Cafe Du Monde? Sunday - Thursday 8am to 11pm and Friday/Saturday 8am to midnight. 

Is there a botanical garden portion?  No, the Botanical Garden will not be included in the CITO driving tour or in Add-On Activities.

What items can I see on the driving tour from the previous pre 2004 driving tour?
“Monstro”: 24’ tall Whale from Pinocchio and our very own Storyland. 
Waving Santa: 15’ tall, seen as you exit the tour. 

What new exhibits can I see this year? A salute to our medical personnel: a light exhibit featuring Caduceus symbols and hearts.

What items can I look for this year on the driving tour from the walking events in the past 15 years? DinoBration, Buggin’ Out, Music Tribute, Jackson Square scenes, Mister Bingle, ornaments in oak trees, toyland, Victoria the Unicorn, Who Dat tree, Crawfish Boil tree, Pirate ship, Flamingo Island, Toyland and MORE.

There are items I like to see each year at the event, will everything from previous years be seen this year?  The only exhibits not featured on the driving tour are “The Cajun Night Before Christmas and “The Twelve Yats of Christmas”. The Dripping Snow Tree will still be in the Botanical Garden and can be seen from Victory Ave. 

I forgot to order my 2020 CITO ornament when I bought my Driving Tour tickets - how can I purchase one now? Email or drop by the Administration Building Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4pm to purchase. 

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