Mister Bingle

The voice of Celebration in the Oaks

Mister Bingle is an iconic part of New Orleans and a part of the New Orleans City Park family.

But what's his story? Who is he? Where did he come from? How does he fit into Celebration in the Oaks now-a-days?

Born: 1948: Welcome to the world Mister Bingle!

The fiberglass Bingle was built in Chicago and brought to New Orleans: 1948

Isadore Newman founded Maison Blanche department store in 1897. Masion Blanche team decided they needed a special character for the holidays to use in holiday advertising. Emile Alline, the Display Director in 1948, created what he first called the "Snow Doll". But Mister Newman wanted the doll's initials to be be MB like the store's initials. The name Mister Bingle was born. For a while there was a Mister Bingle museum in the store, puppet show, and a tv show.

Mister Bingle has a snowman body, an ice cream cone hat, red mittens, a candy cane in hand, and holly wings (so he can fly).

Lived on the side of Maison Blanche (Dillards) department store on Canal Street until 1998. The building was turned into the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Mister Bingle lived at the Dillards at Lakeside Mall: 1998-2001

Moved to City Park for his 'comeback' and received a much needed complete restoration: 2005. Dillards presented Mister Bingle to New Orleans City Park's Celebration in the Oaks as a gift. Omni Bank helped to raise money for the restoration. With their help, and the community's help that year, only a few short months after Hurricane Katrina, City Park was able to stage an abbreviated version of Celebration in the Oaks and Mister Bingle was the star!

Mister Bingle met comedian Will Ferrell: 2012

Mister Bingle received a 'tummy tuck and facelift' in preparation for his season at Celebration in the Oaks: 2013

Mister Bingle's body is 17 feet by 29 feet and he's made of fiber glass. His 2 wings and ice cream cone hat are three individual pieces that need to be placed one by one on the body.

When you visit Celebration in the Oaks be sure to stop by and see Mister Bingle. He loves his photo taken. Feel free to post your photos with Mister Bingle on our Celebration in the Oaks Facebook page.

You can also follow Mister Bingle on Twitter and Instagram. He's quite a character! But then again, he's from New Orleans so that's no surprise!

Interested in how the Celebration in the Oaks team puts Mister Bingle together?Click here to read and see photos from the installation.

Each year, garden clubs from around the metro-area create wreaths with one theme that also includes Mister Bingle. These wreaths are displayed in the Carousel during Celebration in the Oaks.

City Park doesn't sell the Mister Bingle dolls or merchandise but Dillards does!



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