Spring Garden Show

Invites visitors to explore horticultural exhibits and enjoy lectures and other activities.

When: April 6 and 7, 2019

Where: New Orleans Botanical Garden

Parking: Street Parking and Parking Lot

Admission: $10/Adults; $5/Children 5 to 12; free for kids under 5 and Friends of City Park members

WHAT: Join garden lovers at the 40th annual Spring Garden Show to celebrate the educational experience for home gardeners and professionals.

The garden show includes plant & garden product exhibits, sales throughout the garden, a Children's Discovery tent, educational programs, live music, arts & crafts, cooking demonstrations, and more. Educational programs take place in the Garden Study Center and are free with entrance to the show. There will be live music each day for patrons to enjoy.

This event is sponsored by the LSU AgCenter in coopreation with Metro Area Horticulture Foundation, New Orleans Botanical Garden, New Orleans City Park, and Friends of City Park.

Photography policy

Admission:  $10 for adults and
$5 for children ages 5 -12
Children under 4 years old and Friends of City Park members receive free admission

When:   Saturday, October 6th from 9 am to 5 pm
             Sunday, October 7th from 10 am to 4 pm

Where:   New Orleans Botanical Garden, New Orleans City Park

Contact: Chris Dunaway, LSU AgCenter  504-483-9456 / cdunaway@agcenter.lsu.edu

All education classes are free with paid admission to the Spring Garden Show.

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

BugLady”s “Geaux Grow Natives”
A project for 2019 will begin on May 4th and is three-fold: to promote the use of native plants to attract butterflies and pollinators to your garden, to make twelve butterfly host and nectar plants available to the public and to educate gardeners on the plants specific growing conditions. Hear the list of specially selected plants, the list of participating locations plus the dates for the Saturday workshop in the months of May and September
Speaker: Linda Auld, (The Bug Lady) Barber Laboratories

Urban Tea Farming
Content:  In this presentation learn how to grow and make your own tea from the tea plant Camellia sinensis.
Speaker: Bill Luer, Greater New Orleans Master Gardener

Gingers are gorgeous, exotic, and very easy care. They are also sources of ginger and turmeric. Come and learn the latest about adding these show stoppers to your garden 
Speaker: Glen Laborde, Greater New Orleans Master Gardener

Super Summer Plants for your Louisiana Landscape
The Super Plants talk describes the method and reason for picking Super Plants in Louisiana. Super Plants provide a horticultural and economic boost to the home gardener and the “green” industry.
This talk focuses on the warm season bedding plants, shrubs that thrive in the heat and flowering trees
Speaker: Usha Ramadhyani, Greater New Orleans Master Gardener

Meet the Natives – Gardening with Natives in South Louisiana
Native plants and trees are naturally adapted to local environmental conditions. They require far less water, saving time, money, and maintenance needs. In addition, natives provide vital habitat for birds and many other species of wildlife that imports simply cannot provide
Speaker: Nell Howard, Greater New Orleans Master Gardener

New, Better, Yours – Plant the Best Plants this Spring
Garden centers are full of beautiful plants but how do you choose? Which plants will you have success with? Well-known plant breeder Buddy Lee, inventor of Encore Azaleas, will lead a tour of the newest introductions, including new releases from the Southern Living Plant Collection and Encore Azalea. Buddy will discuss proper placement, planting and care tips for each new plant release to ensure gardening success. 

Speaker: Robert “Buddy” Lee, the inventor of Encore® Azalea, the world’s best-selling re-blooming azalea, has more than 40 years’ experience in nursery management, plant breeding, propagation and new plant development. Lee is Director of Plant Innovations for Plant Development Services and owner of Transcend Nursery in Hammond, Louisiana. His plant breeding work has resulted in numerous new plant introductions including Encore® Azaleas and cultivars featured in the Southern Living® Plant Collection and the Sunset Western Plant Collection®.
Lee is an active public speaker and is past president of the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association (LNLA), the International Plant Propagators Society and the Azalea Society of America. He is also active in numerous other horticultural organizations. Recent awards include the LNLA James A. Foret Professional Achievement Award, the Southern Nursery Association Don Shadow Award of Excellence, the Louisiana State Horticulture Society Lifetime Member Award, the Azalea Society of America Exceptional Service Award and the Southern Region IPPS Fellow Award.

Plants in the Southeast Louisiana Environment: native and non-native
The talk will discuss how native and non-native plants deal with hurricanes in the Louisiana environment. How well some species are adapted to the regularity of hurricane impacts and how ecosystems adapt to those impacts. The role that Bottomland hardwood forests and coastal marshes play in plant movement and adaptation.

Speaker: David Baker, Environmental Curator, Studio in the Woods. David studied botany under Dr. Bill Platt at LSU and went on to study the impacts of Hurricane Andrew on Everglades National Park and LSU’s Ben Hur Woods, a bottomland hardwood forest.  While working in the Everglades, Baker learned the trade of prescribed burning.  Following his time at LSU he worked at the Louisiana Nature Conservancy as the Louisiana State Land Steward, managing and burning 16 nature preserves in Louisiana. In 2004 Baker began removing Chinese Privet at Studio in the Woods and has worked there ever since as the program's Environmental Curator. While working at A Studio in the Woods, Baker has installed thirty-two ten-meter by ten-meter plots for the long term study of changes in the ecosystem during the restoration process.

New Varieties for the Plant World in 2019
After returning from the California Spring Trials were the Breeders of new varieties of plants introduce the latest and greatest.  Michele will talk about the new plant introductions for 2019 and 2020!

Speaker: Michele Andre has been a Ball Seed Sales Representative for 17 years. Her territory is Southern Mississippi and Southern Louisiana. Prior to this she worked as a Grower for wholesale bedding plant growers. She studied Horticulture at UL in Lafayette Louisiana. She has owned her own truck farm and Herb Farm. She has 2 beautiful children and 1 beautiful granddaughter.

Sunday, April 7th, 2019

A few years ago the Herb Society of America polled its members regarding herbs used most frequently. The list was published as Top Ten Herbs and my talk discusses those ten herbs, their uses, and how to grow them in New Orleans
Speaker: Anne Barnes, Greater New Orleans Master Gardener 

Super Summer Plants for your Louisiana Landscape
The Super Plants talk describes the method and reason for picking Super Plants in Louisiana. Super Plants provide a horticultural and economic boost to the home gardener and the “green” industry.
This talk focuses on the warm season bedding plants, shrubs that thrive in the heat and flowering trees
Speaker: Usha Ramadhyani, Greater New Orleans Master Gardener

Backyard Birds
The Program shows how to attract native and migrating birds into our yards by growing shrubs for nesting and using seeds, flowers and berries to keep them coming back for more.
Speaker: Marieanne Arata, Greater New Orleans Master Gardener

New Orleans Garden Insects
A bevy of butterflies and a cornucopia of other cool critters live in our midst.  Even in an urban environment, our green spaces offer glimpses of the fantastic diversity that insects present.  This talk will introduce the major groups of insects with a focus on the ones New Orleans area gardeners are most likely to observe in their yards.  Some quick and easy means of identification, their natural history, and other interesting notes about these local bugs will all be discussed.  

Speaker: Bradley Hiatt is an Entomologist at the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, and has been a part of the Audubon team for over two and a half years. A Colorado native, Bradley moved to New Orleans in 2016 specifically to work at the Insectarium. Past experience involves a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Metro State University of Denver, undergraduate research experience in Mosquito labs, working for Colorado Mosquito Control as a lab technician, and working as a Naturalist in Costa Rica for nine months doing work with moths and leading educational hikes and talks. His knowledge and passion in Entomology is expansive and is a reason he is a valuable member the Audubon team.

Butterflies in Your Garden
This talk describes local butterflies and plants that attract them. Learn how easy it is to enjoy "butterflies in your garden

Speaker: Kathy McCrocklin is a native New Orleanian and lifelong gardener, who discovered the particular fascination of gardening for butterflies  25 years ago and has been happily pursuing it ever since.  She has been a Master Gardener for 10 years and helps maintain a butterfly garden on the grounds of Latter Library. In her non-gardening life, she is a speech pathologist.   



Future Dates Spring Garden Show dates:

April 4 and 5, 2020

April 10 and 11, 2021