Animals in City Park

New Orleans has a certain reputation for wildlife – and we’re not talking about the folks you’ll find wandering Bourbon Street. An incredible assortment of feathered, furry and finned animals call City Park’s 1,300 acres and 11 miles of lagoons home. From the alligators, pelicans, swans, and ducks you’ll see around the Park to the frogs and crickets that perform in concert every night, the park is truly a natural wonder for wildlife enthusiasts.

Couturie Forest is one of the park’s crown jewels, a 60-acre natural haven for birds and birders, who know the forest is one of the best bird-watching habitats in New Orleans. 

Fishing has been a popular pastime in City Park for more than 150 years, and it’s no surprise why – it’s not uncommon to pull 4- and 5-pound bass from the lagoons. Generations of anglers caught their first fish in City Park. One of the highlight events of the year is the annual Big Bass Fishing Rodeo in Fishtival, held every April.

Feel like horsing around? Equest Farm offers boarding and horseback riding classes, and the facility is open to the general public.

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