City Park is home to more than 280 species of birds

Whether you’re a twitcher ticking your life list, a devoted local birder or a casual observer, City Park is a great destination for bird watching. The park’s 1,300 acres of green space are filled with lagoons, flora, and groves of trees that support a great variety of birds, from brown pelicans to red-bellied woodpeckers.

The thick undergrowth of Couturie Forest makes it one of the state’s top birding spots. You’ll also find rare and native birds winging it around Scout Island, the New Orleans Botanical Garden, Bayou St. John and the Big Lake area.

Take a look at our Inside Guide to City Park Birds for more information about the many birds who either call City Park home or who are just passing through the neighborhood.

Printable version of the Inside Guide to City Park Birds

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