A few light-hearted highlights from the CPIA Board Minutes from 1891-1899

As some of you may know, our City Park Imrpovement Association Board minutes go back to 1891. Historically, they have been written in great detail. We are –slowly- going through the minutes in order to post highlights on our website timeline. With the help of four Tulane students we will soon be adding four more decades to the website timeline.

Below please find a few light-hearted highlights from 1891-1899:

*No one knows what to do with the two cases of wine won during the summer at the French Society Entertainment, as the tickets were purchased by the entire board.
*It’s decided to purchase a mower, hire a man to mow, build flower beds and buy a cart “for the purpose of moving mud and filling up low places.”
*The driving gate is repaired for the sum of $45, “on account of the damage done to said gate by Dr. Stumph in June” – who said he would pay for the repair but refused when he saw the bill.
*There is a problem with Mr. LaFrance’s cows coming into the Park off his pasture, and the board wants him to put up a fence, which he won’t do.
*A shipment of goldfish is received by the Park – no one knows what to do with them.
*Bought a pair of deer.
*Deer in the Park killed by hunting dogs
*March 17th - Lake overcrowded with fish, so the committee decides to allow fishing on Sundays for 50 cents per person.
*April 21st – Fishing in the lake no longer allowed, as the fish were being depleted too quickly.
*A “freak half-duck half-chicken” is donated to the Park. The park accepts the gift with thanks.
*No arrests in the Park this year “which goes to show that the Park is frequented by good and respectable people.”
*The offer of a bear to the Park is declined, as a man was killed in the Park by a bear a few years ago.

Although the above references are light-hearted the board minutes when viewed as a whole are absolutely fascinating and enlightening.