City Park Gives Back!

Pictured: Staff from ILSP and Stephanie Burkhardt, CP Dir. of Human Resources

Pictured: Staff from ILSP and Stephanie Burkhardt, CP Dir. of Human Resources

The holidays are a good time to reflect and be grateful. The Park and its employees have much to be grateful for - the last year's been a wonderful one for the Park!

Here are just a few examples of positivity in 2014: With help from the New Orleans Botanical Garden, our first Earth Day in City Park was a big hit! City Park opened Parker's Cafe and Parker's Pizza; both in Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. Our wildflower fields brought joy to many people (and they'll be back in the spring y'all!). We celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Beatles playing in City Park. Just before its May one year anniversary, City Putt celebrated the 100,00th round of mini golf played at the facility. With help from Friends of City Park, the Carousel's restoration was started. We've planted over 6000 new trees since August of 2005. We entered into the 2nd year of Celebration in the Oaks using 99.9% LED lights.

Along with so much positive movement forward, City Park employees decided to give back to the community this year. We were able to give clothes and toys to 30 children from 13 families from the Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) in New Orleans.

ILSP provides emancipation services to foster youths, ages 16-18, for release from foster care, with the objective of preparing them for responsible adulthood. An array of workshops and classes are offered to ensure that the youths are meeting their individual goals. Activities for youths, ages 14-15, are focused on developing social skills while youths, ages 16-17, learn independent living skills.