Celebration in the Oaks Map

Map so you can find the party!

Event address: 2 Friederich Ave. New Orleans 70124 (There is only one entrance, turn off Wisner to enter event)

There are TWO portions of the 2020 event. The driving tour event and Add-On Activities in Carousel Gardens. 

DRIVING TOUR: 2.25 mile drive to see 1 million lights

ADD ON ACTIVITES: Activities in Carousel Gardens that can be purchased ALONG WITH a driving tour ticket (not separate from).

AN EVENT MAP see at the bottom of this page or click here. 



The last chance to purchase Add-On Activities is in line before your tickets are scanned by City Park in the driving tour live. The  add-on activity options can only be purchased with a driving tour admission.

Already bought driving tour tickets or want to buy more add on tickets? No problem! To purchase Add-Ons for the first time after buying a driving tour ticket or to add it after, head to the ticket link in your ticket confirmation.

Add-on Activities take place in Carousel Gardens. Driving Tour guests can follow 1 or 2:

Option 1: Begin your driving tour, park in a lot on Dreyfous, walk to Carousel Gardens, enjoy the Add-On Activities, walk back to your car, then join the line for the rest of your driving tour experience.

Option 2: And the end of your dirving tour experience veer left towards Lelong Avenue. Park either on Lelong, Victory Avenue, or in the Parking lot on Victory Avenue. Walk to Carousel Gardens, enjoy your Add-On Activities, walk back to your car then leave the Park driving down Victory Avenue.

Add-On: A 2020 Commemorative Ornament $10.00 ea. (This will be given to you at the start of your driving tour experience/in your car)

Add-On Activity: Train and Treats: Train ride, access to Storyland, access to Children’s Christmas trees, access to photo areas including Mister Bingle & Santa Gator. marshmallows and access to marshmallow roasting area  $15.00 ea. (please note: the train ride is a ride only. No lights are on the train route. All lights on on the driving tour)

There are no separate links for add-ons - buy them when you buy your driving tour ticket or add them after you purchase but before you arrive at City Park. More food and beverages can be purchased in Carousel Gardens and athrooms are avalible inside Carousel Gardens only for those with Add-On tickets. Add-on options must be purchased in conjunction with a Driving Tour prior to reaching the admission gate.

A limited number of tickets will be sold per day and time slot. Masks and social distancing are required.





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Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern grow on many of the oak trees in City Park.