Train Garden

A model of New Orleans in the early 19th Century

The Historic New Orleans Train Garden is one of the park’s hidden gems, tucked away in a vibrant, lush corner of the Botanical Garden. The train garden features typical New Orleans home and building architecture made with botanical materials, and replicas of streetcars and trains that wind around the track. Visitors walk along a pathway representing the water surrounding the city and “stops” along the track give brief histories of the neighborhoods and the train and streetcar lines that served them. As visitors walk they overlook 1300 feet of track carrying streetcars and trains like those that traveled the city in the late 1800s to the early 1900s, at 1/22 of their actual size.

The Train Garden layout and its buildings were designed and constructed by renowned artisan Paul Busse, who has built the “mechanical and botanical” displays in gardens from New York City to Chicago.

The Train Garden is open during normal Botanical Garden hours, but trains operate on a limited schedule: Saturdays and Sundays (when the Botanical Garden is open) and during Celebration in the Oaks. The Train Garden is available for birthday and private parties.

For more information about these unique and inspired train gardens, visit the Garden Trains Association.

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