Education and Outreach

BioBlitz New Orleans City Park

In partnership with Loyola University New Orleans and funded by Entergy New Orleans, New Orleans City Park launched a year-long citizen science project to catalog the full range of flora and fauna located in City Park. Over the course of a year, City Park hosted three citizen science events, providing opportunities for naturalists, coastal scientists, teachers, students, families, and community members of all ages to engage in scientific exploration, contribute to data collection, and explore the Park’s natural spaces.

Throughout the project, City Park engaged more than 400 participants and worked with over 20 biological scientists in the region, with expertise ranging from ornithology, mycology, herpetology, botany, and beyond.

As of June 2018, over 700 species had been identified and catalogued.

Staff Education

In September 2017, New Orleans City Park launched a sustainability-themed lunch and learn program for City Park employees. By working with partners from environmental nonprofits and sustainable businesses in the New Orleans region, the lunch and learn program seeks to increase understanding of, involvement in, and appreciation for the Park’s sustainability goals and build a staff culture around sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Past presenters/topics include:
• Compost NOW / At Home Composting
• BikeEasy / Bike Safety and Maintenance
• EnergyWise and EnergySmart / Energy Efficiency
• GrowDat / Sustainable Agriculture
• New Orleans Botanical Garden / Tour
• The Green Project / Creative Reuse and Upcycling
• Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans / N.O. Drainage and Stormwater Management
• City Park GIS Technician / Energy Mapping 
• Louisiana Deferred Compensation Plan Financial Literacy & Planning

Kids learning at the BioBlitz.

Kids learning at the BioBlitz.


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The park has two gift shops: one in the Botanical Garden and one in the Casino Building.