Frequently Asked Questions

All (or hopefully most) of your most pressing questions answered.

What are City Park’s hours?

City Park (the "Park") shall be open to the public daily from 30 minutes prior to official sunrise until 30 minutes after official sunset, at which time all persons must vacate City Park premises. There are exceptions for Morning Call, City Park managed facilities, and special events

Are dogs allowed off leash at the park?

By law, all dogs must be on a leash on park property. Dogs with the proper permits may be off-leash in NOLA City Bark.

How do I register for the dog park?

For information about the dog park, visit the NOLA City Bark website. If you have further questions, call (504) 483-9377.

Where is the Park Visitor Center?

The Visitor Center is in the Oscar J. Tolmas Center at 5 Victory. It is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. This building also is the entrance to Storyland, the New Orleans Botanical Garden, some special events, daily train rides, and occationally for Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. 

Are you hiring?

Click Work With Us to learn more about job opportunities at City Park.

What are the rules about professional photography in the park?

Commercial photographers need a permit. Please read the information on the Photography Permit page.

Can I bring my own canoe into the lagoons/waters of City Park?

No individuals are allowed to place their own canoe or boat in the waters of City Park. However, you may rent paddleboats and rowboats on Big Lake.

Is metal detecting allowed in City Park?

No. Digging is only allowed for authorized archeological digs. 

How do I buy a season pass for Carousel Gardens?

Click to find out information about season passes for Carousel Gardens.

What are the rules for fishing in City Park?

You must have a valid LA Fishing license. We encourage catch and release. Click to find out information about fishing in City Park.

How do I schedule a field trip?

Click to find out information about field trips in City Park.

How do I schedule a birthday party?

Click to find out information about birthday parties in City Park.

Where are the public restrooms?

Click for a list of public restrooms in City Park.

Are crawfish boils allowed in the park?

No, they are not allowed. No open flames are allowed in the park.

How do I become a member of Friends of City Park?

Click to find out information about Friends of City Park membership.

Are barbecue pits allowed in the park?

It is prohibited to have an open fire in the park. Fires in barbecue pits or grills are allowed. However, caution should be taken in disposing hot coals. It is prohibited to dump coals on any tree roots or plants.

Can I park my vehicle in City Park overnight?

Overnight parking, walking, sleeping, camping by individuals or groups is prohibited within the confines of the park, except by special written permission obtained from park management.

Can my dog accompany me to the Botanical Garden or Celebration in the Oaks?

Pets are not allowed in the Botanical Garden, Storyland, the amusement park, stadiums or other park facilities other than permitted dogs in the dog park. Exceptions to the rule are made for dogs helping the disabled.

If I see flowers or Spanish moss, may I take some home with me?

Visitors are prohibited from cutting any flowers, destroying, removing or defacing any plants, grass, trees or shrubbery, or any other property in the park.

Can I set up nets or goals at the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn?

No. No organized sports shall be played on the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn. Nets, goals or any other spikes are prohibited in the grass of the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn.

Where are the gift shops located in the park?

City Park has two gift shops. One is located in the Botanical Garden; the second is located inside the Casino Building.

Does the park have WiFi?

The park offers free WiFi in “hot spot” areas.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Can I sponsor a tree in someoneís name?

Yes. See our sponsor page for details.

I would like to volunteer my time/I need to sign up for volunteer service hours. Who should I speak with?

Our volunteer manager is happy to help you schedule volunteer time. See our volunteer page for details about how to contact the volunteer manager.

Where does the driving tour begin for Celebration in the Oaks?

The Celebration in the Oaks driving tour was a casualty of Katrina and remains indefinitely suspended. The holiday lights display takes place in the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, Storyland, and the Botanical Garden, and you may buy tickets for a two-mile train ride through the park and the light display.

Do you offer a park membership?

Yes. The Friends of City Park membership offers free admission or discounts to many attractions in the park.

Who do I contact about renting a shelter?

Contact our sales department for details about renting a shelter.

Where can I skateboard in the park?

Skateboarding is allowed on streets and sidewalks only.