Hours & General Rules

Guidelines for keeping City Park fun and safe for everyone

City Park welcomes everyone to the city’s most magnificent cultural, educational, and recreational resource. In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy City Park, the Park has established certain rules governing hours of operation and general conduct. Your cooperation in following these rules is requested.

City Park (the "Park") shall be open to the public daily from 30 minutes prior to official sunrise until 30 minutes after official sunset, at which time all persons must vacate City Park premises. There are exceptions for Cafe Du Monde, City Park-managed facilities, and special events. Harrison Avenue and Filmore Avenue will remain open in the Park. People will be asked to vacate the areas bounded by Wisner Boulevard, Marconi Drive and up to but not including Harrison and City Park Avenue, and public areas from Harrison to Allen Toussaint Boulevard.

Overnight parking, walking, sleeping, and camping by individuals or groups is prohibited within the confines of the Park, except upon special written permission obtained from Park management.

Any person found in areas other than those outlined herein for occupancy after official sunset, or without special written permission, shall be considered to be disturbing the peace and shall be presumed to be doing damage to the grass, foliage, and other Park property.

Exceptions include special events extending beyond hours that have been scheduled and approved by the Park management, such as athletic events, weddings, activities at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), Christian Brothers School, or any other recognized City Park facility. Persons attending such events are required to vacate the Park premises within 30 minutes of the end of any such event.

Golfers are permitted in the immediate vicinity of Bayou Oaks Golf Course if waiting for an early morning tee-off assignment.

Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts may use Scout Island and other areas designated by Park management provided they are under the direct adult supervision and upon prior reservation.

Rather than attempting to outline all of the many activities and uses which can be undertaken in the Park, most of the GENERAL RULES focus on prohibiting those actions and activities which are detrimental to the operations and grounds or which would prevent reasonable enjoyment of the Park by others.

All individuals and groups, when entering the Park grounds, shall comply with all laws of the United States of America, the State of Louisiana, the City of New Orleans, and all of the rules and regulations governing New Orleans City Park.

No individuals or groups will be permitted to purchase or sell any food, drinks or novelties within the confines of the Park, unless approved in writing by Park management in accordance with its contractual arrangements with various concessionaires.

There shall be no trapping, hunting, discharging of firearms, or other noisemaking devices whatsoever in the Park.

It is prohibited to injure, molest or kill any bird or animal in the Park.

Orleans Parish leash laws for dogs must be adhered to in the Park. No dog or other animal will be allowed to roam at large in the Park.

Pets are not allowed in the New Orleans Botanical Garden, Storyland, Carousel Garden Amusement Park, stadiums or other Park facilities other than permitted dogs in NOLA City Bark, where dogs are allowed off leash.

It is unlawful to throw into the lake, lagoons, fountains and basins, any rock, trash or any other object whatsoever.

It is prohibited to play any game of chance, or to have possession of any game of chance, within the Park.

It is prohibited to climb or enter any tree, statue, fountain, fence, gateway, or railing within the Park, or to use any structure within the Park for other than the purpose for which it is intended, and in accordance with the regulations applying thereto.

It is prohibited to deface, injure, move or remove any sign, notice or label placed by Park management within the Park, to write upon, deface, defile or otherwise injure any building, fence, fountain, seat, statue, gateway, wall, or other structure within the Park.

It is prohibited to lie down or to sleep upon, or overturn or damage any seat, bench, bridge, railing, or floor within the Park.

No boisterous, indecent, or vulgar language will be tolerated, nor any public nuisance shall be permitted.

Visitors are prohibited from cutting any flowers, destroying, removing or defacing any plants, grass, trees or shrubbery, or any other property in the Park.

It is prohibited to bathe or wade in or enter any lake, pool, lagoon, fountain, or Bayou St. John (this includes placing any watercraft in Park waters without permission of management).

It is prohibited for any person to engage in formal organized games of golf, tennis, baseball, softball, football, soccer, or other events without having obtained the required ticket or Park permit in advance.

It is prohibited for any player to enter or to encroach upon golf links, tennis courts, softball, baseball, football, or soccer fields, within the Park during the progress of any game, unless he or she is a participant in or connected with such game or is a Park employee on duty.

It is prohibited to retrieve golf balls from the Park, or to sell or offer to sell golf balls, tennis balls, or any other article of any description excepting by duly accredited representative of the Park having concession rights or a valid permit.

No horses or any other animal may be ridden anywhere within the Park, except in areas where specific Park permission has been obtained.

Fishing within the Park is permitted provided that fishers obtain a valid Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries fishing license.

It is prohibited to drive or propel any motor vehicle at a greater speed than that posted in Park areas, or to drive or propel any vehicle except in established driveways and in the direction indicated by signs, or to park any vehicle excepting areas provided and indicated.

It is prohibited to drop, throw, scatter, or leave upon any part of the Park any type of litter, except into receptacles provided for such purpose.

It is prohibited to leave any abandoned vehicle within the confines of the Park.

No athletic games will be played when weather conditions have rendered the athletic surfaces wet/muddy enough to result in damage to the playing area and/or the lighting facilities which illuminate said areas.

It is prohibited to have an open fire in the Park. Fires in barbecue pits or grills are allowed, however, caution should be taken in disposing of hot coals. It is prohibited to dump coals on any tree roots.

Persons violating the above rules shall be subject to arrest, and, upon conviction, shall be subject to an appropriate fine or prison sentence. The above rules may be supplemented by specific rules for the golf courses, tennis courts, Tad Gormley Stadium, etc.

November 2012
Robert W. Becker

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Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern grow on many of the oak trees in City Park.