We rely on volunteers like you to keep the park looking great.

City Park is a New Orleans treasure. For more than 150 years, the park has served as a natural sanctuary for New Orleanians – a place to escape from city life without ever leaving home. With more than 1,300 acres, it is also one of the largest urban parks in the U.S.
But a great urban park doesn’t run itself. Our volunteers are essential to the day-to-day operation of City Park. When you volunteer your time as an individual or as part of a group, it is one of the most valuable contributions you can make to City Park, and you are building a better, stronger park for all of our visitors to enjoy.

Interested in volunteering? Take a look at the below infomation then reach out to us! We have countless ways for you to get involved and help us get growing! Email volunteer@nocp.org.

Groups of Volunteers- To register your group at City Park, please email volunteer@nocp.org. There are many projects at the park that will vary depending on the financial contribution, number of people in your group, and the level of difficulty of work the group is willing to embrace. Typical projects can include: mulching trails, planting trees, removing invasive species, painting, gardening projects, minor carpentry, Celebration in the Oaks set-up, and other projects.

Volunteering with a group means more than just good for the Park – it’s a great team building and bonding exercise for students or co-workers. Since 2005, more than 60,232 (Jan. 2021) volunteers have given their time to City Park, for a total of over 243,000 hours.

Any type of group is welcome, but corporate groups typically donate $40-$60 per volunteer as a project supply fee. City Park has worked with groups of 10 to 900 people at a time. A typical work session lasts three hours. Tools and safety equipment are provided, but we request that groups bring their own food and water. You may also arrange for box lunches and beverages through City Park catering.

COVID-19 restrictions:  Please note that our volunteer groups are limited to 25 people maximum as of January 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Temperature checks, pre-registering, masking, and social distancing are required throughout the projects. 

Litter abatement - A great option for those looking to complete service hours for school, court ordered hours, or those just looking to make a difference by beautifying their Park!  For litter pickup, you can walk around the Park on your own time to collect trash.  For more details, supplies, and possible areas to focus on, please reach out to Tyler Havens (Volunteer Manager) at thavens@nocp.org. 

Forestry - Come help us out in either Scout Island or Couturie Forest to clear trails, mulch, and remove invasive species.  If you have an interest in this, please email Tyler Havens (Volunteer Manager) at thavens@nocp.org  He can find a time to show you around and get you started in preserving your Park’s forested areas.  This can be a group activity or an activity for solo volunteers.

Friends of City Park - Join our Friends of City Park Clean Up Krewes and view other special volunteer events at this link.

Super Saturdays - Typically on the first Saturday of each month, City Park hosts a community volunteer day for citizens all ages to attend.  The projects vary from month to month and have previously included:  trail mulching, painting, planting, shoreline cleanup, catch basin cleaning, special event help, and more.  For more details please email volunteer@nocp.org.  You can also check our Super Saturday web page here for dates and general information.

Adopt a Piece of the Park - This program is meant to promote long-term partnerships between large groups and City Park administration to maintain and beautify our 1,300 acres. Please check this link for more details if interested. 

New Orleans Botanical Garden - The Botanical Garden is looking for select volunteers experienced in gardening, horticulture, and landscaping at this time. Please reach out to Mark Menuier (mmeunier@nocp.org) for more information or click here

Sydney & Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden -
People who wish to volunteer in the Sculpture Garden can contact:
Pam Buckman - Sculpture Garden Manager
pbuckman@noma.org; 504-658-4153

Grow Dat Youth Farm -
People who wish to volunteer at Grow Dat can contact:
Leo Gorman - Grow Dat Field Manager
leo@growdatyouthfarm.org; 504-616-1777



Big Lake in City Park is a man-made lake designed to mimic the shape of Lake Pontchartrain.