Public Meetings

Notice of Public Meetings

A public hearing and board meeting took place on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.  Previously, two public workshops were held and more than 900 people responded to a survey related to land use in the area roughly bounded by Harrison, Wisner, Zachery Taylor, and Magnolia Drive.

The board voted unanimously to approve the land use depicted on this map.

The Park is deeply appreciative of all those who expressed their opinions and demonstrated their passion for New Orleans City Park.

What happens next?  Good question!  In the short term, you won’t see many changes.  Now that accepted use of the land has been determined, the board and management of the Park will develop a master plan for the land in question; particularly the “Wisner Tract” which was previously a golf course.

The master plan will address items such as:

 Lagoon deepening and widening
 Status of existing utilities
 Circulation throughout the Wisner Tract.  Park best practices recommend sidewalks/paths that are used by pedestrians and bicyclists should be 10 feet wide.  The current sidewalks are 7 feet wide.  (Never forget we live in a litigious society!)
 Tree planting, lots of tree planting
 Amenities such as restrooms, picnic tables, and drinking fountains

The master plan will also provide cost estimates.

Check back here for updates.

In the development of the land use plan, many questions were asked and observations made.

Here are some answers and comments:

I’d like a bike repair station in the park.

You don’t need to wait, we already have one.  It’s located on the southern end of the gravel parking lot at the entrance to Couturie Forest - 1009 Harrison Avenue.  Even if your bike doesn’t need to be repaired, you can always top off the pressure in your tires.

Why can’t I access the Ropes Course at the southern end of Scout Island?

We are happy to have a ropes course in the park.  On some of the elements participants are 20-30 feet in the air.  They are in harnesses and kept safe by a guide on the ground that has a safety rope hooked up to their harness.

For that reason, we need to keep the area secure and it is not open to the public absent the presence of trained instructors. 

The Ropes Course is administered by the Louisiana Outdoor Outreach Program (LOOP).  LOOP works primarily with area schools, but occasionally works with corporate and other groups on teambuilding exercises.  To learn more about LOOP, please visit their website.

Why aren’t all the quadruplex ball fields open and why isn’t the old concession building open to the public?

For the most part, Katrina is in the Park’s past.  Unfortunately, not completely.  Katrina wiped out the Park’s maintenance buildings.  Since that time, our maintenance department has been housed in a portion of the quadruplex.  Their offices are in the old concession building.  Our plans are to build a new maintenance building adjacent to the Celebration in the Oaks warehouse immediately south of the railroad tracks. 

The plans are drawn and the state has appropriated the money for the new maintenance building.  Unfortunately, the state has not yet released the funds to build the maintenance facility. In the meantime, we have moved our maintenance department to Tad Gormley Stadium. We are working to put the fourth field back in use. The concession building will reopen at a later date.

More than one person has commented that they want to be able to walk/run their dog off leash in the area.

1. City Ordinance [Chapter 18, Section 18-14] requires all dogs to be on a leash not only in City Park but throughout the City. 
2. Your Fido may be a soft and cuddly lover, but we have had calls from folks who have been bitten by dogs off leash; mothers who have called fearful of lumbering dogs running up to their toddlers; and several instances of a park duck that has been killed by an off leash dog.
3. The one place where you can run your dog off leash is at City Bark.  Here’s a link to more information.

Why can’t I access Popp Fountain?

Popp Fountain is open to the public on Sundays from 9 am – 5 pm, unless the facility has been rented for a Special Event.  We hire a guard to monitor the area on Sundays. We had to start locking the gates because of excessive vandalism to the fountain area.



The annual City Park Big Bass Fishing Rodeo and Fishtival was founded in 1946.