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The Conservatory features a spectacular glass dome roof and mimics the architectural style of the Pavilion of the Two Sisters at the opposite end of the garden. The central room, which faces the garden’s scenic lily pond on one side, is accented with tropical plants and flanked by the glass-roofed Living Fossils and Tropical Rainforest exhibits. The Conservatory is an ideal backdrop for wedding photos and can be outfitted for small ceremonies and receptions.

Venue Specifications & Seating

* Capacity: 40 seated
* Approximately 1,000 sq. ft.
* 40 foot high glass domed roof

To see other venues at New Orleans City Park, please see our Sales Brochure.

For more information, contact City Park Sales at (504) 488-2896 or e-mail


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ìLipizzanerî (1976) is the name of the fabricated steel sculpture by artist Tony Smith art piece standing in front of NOMA. It is a gift of Mrs. P. Rouseel Norman in memory of Mr. P. Roussel Norman.