Rentals & Catering

The newest shelter in City Park sits on the cusp of the new Festival Grounds and offers groups basic amenities and front row access to some of the best wide-open greenspace in the park.

The covered shelter is a great place to gather in the shade, and with ample nearby parking and on-site restrooms, water and lights, the Reunion Shelter is well-suited for large family reunions, group outings and corporate events.

Venue Specifications & Seating

* Capacity: Up to 500 guests
* 3,400 sq. ft.
* 40 ft. x 85 ft.
* Amenities: Electricity, on-site restrooms, water
* Located in the Festival Grounds

For more information, contact City Park Sales at (504) 488-2896 or e-mail

*Fun Facts:

Have you seen the solar panels on the Reunion Shelter? Here are some facts about them - pretty impressive!

• The Photovoltaic System is interconnected with the local Entergy electrical grid
• The system allows for Net Metering, which allows the facility to “bank” extra electricity created to be used at a time that the facility is being used
• The total system size is 16.17kW or 16,700 watts
• There are a total of (66) Made in America solar panels
• The system will produce roughly 20,175kWh with an estimated yearly savings of $2,421
• Over 30 years, the solar system will offset approximately 5,430 tons of CO2, which is the equivalent of planting 27,210 trees.
• Installed by South Coast Solar, a homegrown solar energy contractor, serving commercial and residential application


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The Budweiser Clydesdales spend Carnival each year at the Police Stables at City Park. If you see them walking down Marconi, you can pull over and take a photo but please do not approach the horses.