Energy Efficiency

Over the last 150 years, City Park has been expanding its acreage, attractions, and facilities. As the Park developed, our utilities grid became more intricate and more complicated. Today, City Park is on a mission to untangle our utilities grid by locating, mapping, and tracing energy usage around the Park. With over 100 buildings and 84 energy meters, mapping energy is not an easy task. But we are hoping that as we better understand our energy usage, we can continue to complete projects that will reduce our carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency in City Park.

To date (July 2018), City Park has completed the following lighting retrofit projects:
• All street lights in the Park use LED lights.
• All office spaces in the Park use LED lights. 
• Celebration in the Oaks has converted 99% of the installations to LED lighting.
• In March 2018, the Celebration in the Oaks Warehouse replaced all indoor and outdoor lights with LEDs, reducing the building’s monthly kWh use by 32%.
• In July 2018, NOLA City Bark replaced 18 1500-watt flood lights with 320-watt LED equivalents, reducing energy use in the dog park by about 75%

Projects coming soon:
• At the Golf Course Driving Range, 1500 watt flood lights will be replaced with 320 watt LED equivalents, and 150 watt canopy lights will be replaced with 90 watt LED equivalents, reducing energy use at the driving range by an expected 60%.

Renewable Energy – The Reunion Shelter at the Festival Grounds is the newest shelter in City Park. On top of the Reunion Shelter sit 66 solar panels, made in America. The system will produce roughly 20,000 kWh, providing an average yearly savings of $2,421. Over 30 years, the solar system will offset approximately 5,500 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 27,000 trees in the Park.



The lion on the antique carousel in Carousel Gardens weighs at 500 lbs.!