What is Sustainability?

What is Sustainability? 

"Sustainability is based on a simple and long-recognized factual premise: Everything that humans require for their survival and well-being depends, directly or indirectly on the natural environment (Marsh 1864). The environment provides the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. It defines in fundamental ways the communities in which we live and is the source for renewable and nonrenewable resources on which civilization depends. Our health and well-being, our economy, and our security all require a high quality environment.
When we act on that understanding, we tend to prosper; when we do not, we suffer."

-National Resource Council. (2011). Sustainability and the U.S. EPA.  National Academy of Sciences. 

At New Orleans City Park, the concept of sustainability involves a commitment to environmental, economic, and social practices that enhance the community’s quality of life and promote the long-term health of City Park. This requires us to think about the impact of all of our actions on future generations – to consider how every action today will affect the visitors of tomorrow. 

Environmental Sustainability: To be a truly green park, City Park is prioritizing practices that reduce our consumption of resources, provide education and training to employees and the community, manage storm water efficiently and effectively, and protect and enhance natural spaces and wildlife habitat.
Economic Sustainability: Annually, New Orleans City Park must raise 90% of its operating budget. City Park does not receive any operational funding from the city of New Orleans and receives only 10% from the state, which is unique in comparison to other urban parks in the nation. To be economically sustainable, City Park must focus on projects that generate revenue and allow us to continue investing in the health and wellbeing of the Park and its people.

Social Sustainability: In the center of New Orleans, City Park serves as a valuable shared space for social activities, recreation, and outdoor experiences. By increasing access to communities throughout New Orleans, City Park promotes public health through increased physical activity and interactions with nature, encourages partnerships with other entities, enhances cultural and educational experiences, and improves environmental quality throughout the region.  

Please help City Park in its sustainability goals by treating our Park with respect and acting as a steward of the Park’s natural resources and green spaces. Click around our pages to learn more about how you can be involved with the Park’s sustainability and environmental stewardship projects.



Locals call the horses on the antique carousel the ìflying horsesî.