Zemurray Azalea and Camellia Garden

Completed in 1995, this portion of the New Orleans Botanical Garden holds the bulk of the garden's azalea, camellia, and magnolia collections. Many of the azaleas bloom not only in Spring, but also in Fall and sporadically through the rest of the year. This area was originally part of the City Park Rose Garden, but was excluded at the inception of the New Orleans Botanical Garden. The dominant features of this garden are the azalea and camellia garden's centerpiece, the Flute Player (1995) -- a painstakingly refurbished fountain containing an Enrique Alférez Sculpture -- and the Pavilion of the Two Sisters. Near the Pavilion, the garden was designed formally, gradually becoming informal on the perimeter. The footprint walk (1995) around the Azalea and Camellia Garden is embedded with the footprints of special donors to the construction of the Pavilion.