Conservatory of the Two Sisters

Phase One of the Conservatory of The Two Sisters is open to the public. Originally constructed in the 1930s, the Conservatory has been renovated into a state of the art showcase of plants. Plans are under way for Phase Two.

The Glass Dome
The spectacular glass dome reflects the architectural style of the Pavilion of the Two Sisters at the opposite end of the garden's main axis. Serving as the reception and orientation area for visitors entering the Conservatory, it provides a preview of the of the exotic plant life that awaits them.

Living Fossils
The Living Fossil exhibit showcases a variety of prehistoric plant life from throughout the world. This exhibit features plants that developed early in the evolution of the plant kingdom displayed alongside a large collection of fossilized plants and interpretive graphics. All of these plants evolved before the development of flowers. Plants such as cycads, lycopodiums, mosses, and ferns thrive around a breathtaking central waterfall and pond.

The Tropical Rainforest
The Tropical Rainforest features plants from the warm, moist regions of the world. The sound system and state of the art climate control system allows visitors to experience the feeling of a true tropical rainforest. The exhibit includes a tree root exhibit of epiphytes, a waterfall exhibit and cave which is home to a selection of animals native to tropical areas of the world.