Yakumo Nihon Teien Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden Society of New Orleans after many years of effort has created an authentic Japanese Garden in the Botanical Gardens of New Orleans City Park. This garden in which the first two phases have been completed provides not only beauty and enjoyment for all visitors but also serves as a natural setting for other Japanese arts such as bonsai, ikebana, and sado (tea ceremony). The garden also provides increased awareness and appreciation of Japanese culture, aesthetics and love of nature among all people in the New Orleans area.

Generous contributions from numerous donors have helped fund and maintain the garden. A gift of magnificent stone lanterns from the City of Matsue, Japan, (sister city of New Orleans) has enhanced the garden and strengthened ties between our two cities. The garden is named after Lafcadio Hearne/Koizumi Yakumo an exceptional writer who lived in both Matsue and New Orleans.

The Japanese Garden Society is now in the process of expanding the garden to improve its attractiveness and usefulness for visitors to the park from all over the United States and abroad as well as local and regional supporters and visitors.