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The park has 10 varieties of oak tree within its 1300 acres: Live Oak, Cherrybark, Cow, Nutall, Overcup, Post, Shumard, Water, White, and Willow.

LATEST BLOG POST: Tonight’s Supermoon

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Skywatchers, you're in for a treat.

Tonight's Supermoon is a pretty special one.

When the moon turns full tonight at 8:38pm (New Orleans time), it not only will become the last Supermoon of the summer, but also this year's Harvest Moon -- which is a full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox.

We look forward to seeing photos of the Supermoon over the Park. Please send them to AFrentz@nocp.org to have them included in our archives. 

Check out Supermoon photos from around the globe here (Huffington Post Science). 

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