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If you pass through City Park at night or early in the morning, you'll notice LED lights illuminating the Monteleone Columns at the Lelong entrance to the park. The colored lights are changed for holidays and special events.

LATEST BLOG POST: Kidcam at City Park

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This is the last week of Kidcam camp at City Park. City Park does not run its own camp but instead rents out space in the Amusement Park to a company that runs camps all over the south. That company is Kidcam. Founded in 1974, Kidcam’s mission is to promote children’s physical, social, and educational well-being with a safe, fun-filled camp environment that they will want to return to every summer.

My two girls have spent the majority of their summer at Kidcam. They have spent a couple weeks at another camp and grandparents camp but the majority of the time here in the...

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